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Let Me Motivate You!

As a personal trainer, I will not only see you during our sessions, but I will keep you on track outside our sessions. You will get the special attention you need to make the right choices about your health. I will hold you accountable to yourself. Fitness is fun and invigorating, but can be daunting and frustrating for some. Let me help you get passed the boredom and onto a life of fun fitness the Erica way.

  • Are you feeling stagnant?
  • Are you a beginner?
  • Are you getting minimum results?
  • Do you lack energy?
  • Do you lack motivation?
  • Are you bored with your current exercise program?

Let us kickstart your fitness journey together! I will help you train smarter and not harder. Don't wait till January 1st to hit the gym, start today!